My mission is to show you how to create your own portfolio and gain visibility necessary to build your very own photo kingdom without feeling lost, confused and overwhelmed.

I have turned my photography hobby into a business and this has changed my life – not only allowed me to gain an extra income but made me grow as a person in so many areas of life .

I have always been interested in photography but since I had my first daughter I started taking crazy amount of shots. I became obsessed both with my little girl and the camera. My pictures were gathering a lot of complements and that gave me and idea of turning this passion in to a business.

When I first started thinking about opening my photography business I didn’t know where to start. Taking nice photos was not enough, very quickly I realised that a photography business is much more than…photography.

I felt overwhelmed, lost and I just didn’t know where to start. I would sit for hours reading and learning about marketing strategies, building websites, editing photos, gaining visibility, attracting clients etc but I wasn’t taking enough action. Instead I was browsing the internet, stalking other photographers on social media and cultivating the inner feeling that I just wasn’t good enough.

If you can relate to my story and would like to kick-start your photography business much faster and without unnecessary hassle come and join my Facebook community education here. I want to show you the way to create the portfolio you can be proud of and attract your first dream clients!


If I did it – YOU can do it too!