Did you know that money is your friend?!!!

I didn’t! When I heard about it I was shocked!

By doing a lot of self-development courses and coaching on different levels.. (one is about my photography business and the other is about my inner child) I found out that a lot of it folds into what kind of relationship you have with not ONLY your FAMILY but what relationship you have with MONEY too…

Very interesting probably for so many of us but, what I have noticed is that WOMEN DON’T talk about MONEY! 💰

Why do you think is that?

I think we have been conditioned not to …

When a group of guys meet up in the pub they can easily start talking about business, incomes, investments, and money in general…

Why is it that we DON’T?

To be honest with you since I have this awareness I’d like to break the taboo and just talk about it but I feel like most women feel uncomfortable and I still feel that weird resistance and cringe when I bring up the subject  😬… have I said something inappropriate?

But again… why??!

So if I can be of any help today I want to encourage YOU to SEE how you see Money. Break that taboo and talk about it!

And even more important – I want you to look at your relationship with money 💰 and see that it is your FRIEND

And just like a friend, it is here to help you… to show you something

If it doesn’t come it means they are trying to teach us something.. maybe you are spending too much money on your close once’s? Your family? Friends?

Maybe you don’t treat money with love, care, and gratitude 🙏 ?

So have a look at what relationship you have with money. And maybe that will make you think 🤔 and change the way you feel about it.

Women lying on the wooden floor black and white image - Sun is gaving over her

THE LAW OF ATTRACTION teaches that ‘like attracts like’ and what you project you attract.

Spiritual Gurus say that it will come to you when you will treat money like a friend.


Nurture it.

Love it.

Respect it.

Give it attention.

And I think that could be so true

My teacher says it’s important to spend money on yourself!!! I mean..!? How many of us do that? And even more – when you receive your salary.. cash, monthly or weekly income – whatever shape of form – make sure to spend 20% OF YOUR MONEY ON YOU!!! It doesn’t need to be big … and don’t leave it until you pay all the bills first! You need to be first!!

Maybe that makeup 💄 you wanted?

Maybe a massage?

 Maybe going with your bestie to the cinema or theatre 🎭

For the last few months I have been doing it and I feel so good about it! And grateful  💃 😍💰

The possibilities are endless…

So hit reply and tell me.

 What are YOU spending Your money on next time?!