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boudoir women seating on the chair in body suit lifting her hair - Black and white boudoir image done by aniachandra photography

Three decades can change a lot of things, including how much you love yourself.

When I was young, I didn’t give myself the freedom and happiness I do now, when it comes to my relationship with myself as a woman, my thirties have been all about learning to love myself.


There is something much deeper happening on an internal level for me as a woman—I feel stronger than ever before. I have found that I love myself more in my 30s than I did in my 20s. What about you? Did you notice that you began looking after yourself more? 
Now I love myself more than ever, and it’s taught me to love my body and soul. My needs and desires are becoming a priority and I feel stronger and more empowered than ever. I started to notice a shift in my perception and self-awareness at first when I turned 30 years old … Now I am 37 and my self-love it’s just growing bigger and bigger…and I love it!! Most importantly I’m starting to love myself for all that makes me unique.
Did you notice that? and if yes – do you remember your age at all?
I see that WOMEN from all over the world are waking up and looking deep into their souls to find self-love and I think that’s why I feel a deep connection to empowering women through Boudoir photography but don’t just take my word for it… Keep reading for Emma’s self love story…
women in her 60s is lying down on her back on the whiite sheet covered with the white sheet too - she is smiling and she looks very confident and beautiful - image done by Ania Chandra Photography Boudoir

From Low Self-esteem To Naked Dancing In Front Of The Camera

Emma is on the journey to self love and she thought that her Boudoir session was one of the defining steps for her to accept her body and to give her this confidence boost that she needed…

“I found out about boudoir and I thought I was a perfect way to express myself as a woman.

I have always had low self-image, and self confidence so booking up at a shoot was a big thing for me!

But during and after the photo shoot I felt amazing, strong and beautiful!

I can now look at myself in the mirror and be okay with the way I look! I was blown away by the amount of people that have complimented my photos and saying how stunning or beautiful I look.

Start to finish was simply the best! It was Exactly as I expected it.

Ania calms you down instantly and by the end of the session I was there naked doing a little naked dance as I was so hyped up on myself! I can’t wait to come back again it was amazing!!

Thank you again for helping me love myself.”

Emma x

Do you remember when you “woke up” and realised that you need a bit of self love and that YOUR needs are IMPORTANT?

If you’ve learned to love yourself more in your 30s, share your story with us on Facebook, join my VIP Facebook group to type in the comments – Myself and other amazing women in the group would love to hear your answer! 

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