boudoir by ania chandra photographer in Reading
boudoir women seating on the chair in body suit lifting her hair - Black and white boudoir image done by aniachandra photography

Some years ago I had a revelation. I was at a point where I felt lost in myself, I kept doing things the same and got to that point when I realised I wanted to FEEL different, look different or even CHANGE the way I thought and acted.

women in her 60s is lying down on her back on the whiite sheet covered with the white sheet too - she is smiling and she looks very confident and beautiful - image done by Ania Chandra Photography Boudoir

Change is hard but at the same time exciting!

As women, this is the time when our lives start to reflect who we truly are, and if we’re not happy, we want to change it. It’s our time to get more time, get more love, get more nurturing, and put more attention on the things that matter, you know something needs to change.

Most of the time we choose to change because we are not happy with our body, soul or in a relationship ..  or we realise we simply want something different, something special or extraordinary…

It can be a slow process but you eventually find the bravery to do it and when you do, you’ll have a newfound freedom and love for yourself that you have never experienced before.

I made a lot of changes in my life and what I found was that it was ME who had to change not everyone around me. 

This was a “WOW” moment and I am forever grateful that I managed to open my eyes to this. I started my journey to become a confident and much happier person by INVESTING in myself, 

That was a big one as for years I’ve been telling myself I can’t put myself first… I made a decision to take back control of my life and my happiness. Investing in myself is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and it’s helped me start living life to the fullest.

Don’t lose that time of your life. You deserve to be your best self.

I started working on myself and improving my relationship with my mind, body and soul – I started showing up for myself and started working on the long list of things that were on the back of my mind for years…

It’s been a long journey, one I am still on, but I know one thing for sure – looking in the mirror at YOURSELF and NOT CRITICISING yourself all the time is hard for all of us and since I started to work on myself one of my VERY FIRST steps was to change the way I look at myself!

Not only mine ..

Keep scrolling to find out what SARAH said about her confidence..

black women and a mother looking  down and she has off the shoulder dress - she looks glam and elegant - Boudoir Black and White image by Ania Chandra photographer in Reading
Curvie women with black hair and beautiful big eyes is lying on the bed with hands up and facing camera - smiling ever so gently - Boudoir photographer Reading -Ania chandra photographer

“Seeing the photos during and after it’s made me have a real confidence boost about myself and my body.”

I didn’t think I had a curvy body until Ania worked her magic with the camera.
No filters needed, I was shocked on how beautifully amazing I looked.
Just couldn’t believe that was me in that pose with my outfits on.
Definitely won’t feel bad about myself, I am learning to love my body. 

Sarah x 

Women come to me because they want to feel something different because this is their time and they are awakening to their own needs. But not only that…also, and most importantly, to gain that confidence boost that we all need to be able to love YOURSELF!!

What is it that you would like to do that’s completely different? What’s stopping you from moving forward? 

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