Image of ginger hair women with tattoos on her body in her lingerie - in her arm she is holding rugby ball - Boudoir image done by Ania Chandra Photography in Reading

“Self confidence is a super power. Once you start to believe in yourself, magic starts happening.”


1. Do your hair and makeup – nails it’s an extra 😉

2. Find your favourite lingerie in your closet – or just a plain shirt

3. Less is more… – white sheet and go!

4. Find a good natural light – Pose and shoot 😉

5. Make it personal – and have fun with it!

women in her 60s is lying down on her back on the whiite sheet covered with the white sheet too - she is smiling and she looks very confident and beautiful - image done by Ania Chandra Photography Boudoir

1. Hair and Makeup

Doing your hair and makeup will boost your confidence and will make you feeling fresh and beautiful. That is one of the simplest way to nourish your sense of self-worth and boost your self-esteem.

If you fancy you can also do manicure and pedicure and that will add extra confidence to your photos! 

2. Find sexy lingerie in your closet – or just a plain shirt 

You don’t need to be a model!! In fact you have THAT in you.. 

Every women has something sexy in her closet!! Body uits, Bra sets, Basque Set… but if you don’t have any of them then simply put your jeans on and go topless 😉 or just find loose off the shoulder sweater and put it on with any nice pants.

You can also grab peace of sheet or dress yourself in men’s shirt and be creative! Don’t forget to have some fun with it too!!

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black women and a mother looking  down and she has off the shoulder dress - she looks glam and elegant - Boudoir Black and White image by Ania Chandra photographer in Reading
Curvie women with black hair and beautiful big eyes is lying on the bed with hands up and facing camera - smiling ever so gently - Boudoir photographer Reading -Ania chandra photographer

3. Less is more… grab the white sheet and go!!

You can unleash your inner sexy and I really have fun with posing! each pose – Stand in front of the mirror and choose best angles for you! So take a deep breath and… go for it – you will love the end result!

Tip – place your phone on the mag or stand and do video – then hold each pose for few seconds and screen shoot!!! Booom!!!


4. Find a good natural light – pose and shoot. Window is the best place for the good light  

The best natural light is during the day from around 9-13:00 winter time – but I recommend doing photos in the morning while you still look nice and fresh 🙂 Big window is the best source of natural light and it will give you beautiful glow ..

If the light is too strong from your window then move away from it or just pull the curtains to reduce harsh light

5. Make it personal and have fun with it! 

End of the day it’s your adventure so if you have something personal you would like on the photos like blanket, guitar, cowboy hat or handcuffs – just go for it!!!

Also RELAX ,ENJOY AND HAVE FUN WITH IT! My TIPS on this is to put some good music, have ONE glass of wine or something that you like will put you at ease but not too drunk! 😉

Love Ania

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