Why I don’t pose newborns?

I see beauty in each baby and I believe that at the time of birth they already have their own unique personality.
When I photograph babies I don’t pose or use props because they are just perfect as they are.
No baby is the same and I love that they all have their own characteristics and qualities. I love to capture the uniqueness of their skin tone and soft hair, their cute little gestures and adorable facial expressions.

What is my approach?

I know how precious your little baby is to you!
Please be assured that I will keep them safe, warm and comfortable.
I may swaddle them or put them comfortable on their tummy if they are happy ( most of them love it!). 

But most of the time you are holding your baby as it’s the best place for them 🙂 

I have finished several safety courses how to hold and care for newborn baby on top of it I am proffecional nurse and I have first aid and advance aid training each year to keep me up to date. I also have public lability insurance. 
I will care for your baby as I would for my own because I know they mean the World to you!


What I love about photographing babies in natural way? 

I don’t know about you but I love watching my baby stretching, yawning and making cute faces 🙂 that’s why I often photograph these details, they grow out of it so fast!

I want to give you timeless images so you get to keep all the little tiny details like feet, freckles, small lips and many more and you can cherish them and share through generations.
Don’t miss it, they are only little once..

Don’t miss it, they are only little once..

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