What to wear to your session?

For baby session it’s easy!!!

Less is more!

Babies looks good in just a baby grow. Depending on the weather if it’s warm just sleeveless baby grow, if it’s cooler then long sleeve baby grow.

If you would like your baby to have headbands or blanket that is totally fine wirh me 🙂

Cream, white, gray, or just delicate neutral colours are best! head to my pinterest board for ideas: baby-boy-clothes-newborn

For parents I always say wear confortable clothes. For new mums, loose fitting clothes or dresses, anything that makes you feel beautiful. Keep it simple. Throw in a little colour if you’d like, but avoid the busy patterns and please don’t feel the need to match everyone in white shirts.

Keep the clothing casual, colourful, and try to avoid logo or branded clothing as this will date. Our sessions are relaxed and comfortable, so make sure you feel comfortable with what clothing you bring. We have plenty of time to change, and use a selection of your clothing items.

Suggestions for maternity and post birth clothing ideas on my pinterest board here: post-birth-outfits 

Kiddos!!!! I know sometimes can ba a challenge. Matching dresses or clothes are fine and all neutral colours too, but I know how is it to have a kid who will only put what they want and there is no discussion!! My 3 years old daughter does it all the time!! So don’t stress about it and let them dress the way they like it!! They will look wonderfull in any clothes anyway!!

For maternity session I really think that for pregnant mama, dress is mesmerizing!! Many woman don’t feel their best while they are pregnant, that is why dress helps to expose the beautiful parts of you beeing pregnant like breast or baby bom and correct the rest that we often don’t feel confortable in!!!
For dad just a t-shirt/shitr or jumper is great with pair of jeans or other type of throwsers.

Just try to avoid strong patterns, or bright colours if you can.


If you have any questions please feel free to call me, or drop me an email, so I can answer any questions that you still have.


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