black women and a mother looking down and she has off the shoulder dress - she looks glam and elegant - Boudoir Black and White image by Ania Chandra photographer in Reading

What to Wear for your Boudoir Shoot


Hey Beautiful,

I want you to feel completely comfortable on your shoot. With that in mind, it is truly up to you with how much or how little skin you show. 

I love for our shoots to show your unique personality, so feel free to bring something special that you absolutely love or cherish.

If there’s one piece of advice I can give you regarding how to prepare for a boudoir shoot, it’s this: don’t be afraid to have fun! 

Remember, lingerie is NOT a must for Boudoir! We love to work with pretty scarves, sheets, white button-down shirts, jackets and jumpers, or anything you love.

I usually start out shooting with a little more clothing for example men’s shirt or beautiful dress like you see on the image above… or an off the shoulder jumper or cardigan just to warm you up! 

As you become more comfortable, we can work our way through your outfit choices. Feel free to bring about 3 to 4 of your favourite outfits and we’ll pick out the best for the shoot.

I normally shoot about 3 outfits as I like to take my time to make sure I get best poses for your body shape and best face expressions. 

So what can you bring with you for your shoot!!

Can I recommend just one thing?!?  Yes, a BODYSUIT.  You will thank me later. 🙂

1. One piece set – bodysuit

2. Two piece set (bra/undies/ garter belt set and fishnet tights)

3. Cover up wrap/ off the shoulder cardigan/off shoulder shirt

4. White sheet!! YES.. I just loooove it 

5. For an easy outfit optiony ultimate favourite of all times… NUDE 😉 

6. High heels – even if you don’t like to wear them we only use them for images – they look good!


Let me go a bit more detals about some of the outfits 

 One piece set – bodysuit

There are 2 types of bodysuit that I like

No. 1 Long sleeve bodysuit 

No. 2 bodysuit without sleeves 

And I love them both on images, benefits of a long sleeve body is that it looks classy and artistic on the images and you can easily display as a wall art in your house/bedroom or even share on social media – to me images with long sleeve body could even be in category of a portrait images with a hint of sexiness 😉

Where the short sleeve body is very sexy – your body looks amazing no matter what size or shape you are and it also covers the parts of your body that you may not feel comfortable about such tommy or any loose skin, stretch marks

For women who loves their tommy you can go for such choice that you can see it through the body or it has some parts uncovered.

Body suit can also go with high heels, gloves, fishnet tights and many more

It’s my best time favourite!!! You will just love the images

2. Two piece set (bra/undies/ garter belt set and fishnet tights)

I think this is very simple and elegant and very sexy lingerie and EVERY WOMEN was one in her closet!! Even if you don’t want to spend money on buying a lot of outfits then I am sure you will find one that you love and fits you well!! If not it’s worth a buy and you will cherish it for a long time ..

We can play with that adding additional outfits such jeans, shirt, high heels, gutter belt and tights … and many more it depends on what you feel comfortable in and what you want to go for too 

My ultimate favorite of all time… NUDE 😉 

A lot of you may think that I will not strip off in front of the stranger.. but this is why I wanted you to get to know me a bit better before you have a shoot… You can see my face, hear my voice and see who I really am so you feel a bit more COMFORTABLE if it comes to nude images

The first step is to be joining my VIP group where I go live answer any questions and share a bit more in the community of WOMEN only … x

Saying that only very few women out of many that I had a privilege to photograph would choose not to do any nude images

And we can play safe and cover you up in white sheet 😉 

I want to photograph YOU in nude as I see as a peace of ART .. one of the old painings that you see in a museum and maybe we think that our bodies are not always peftect but when you look at this ART in the museum you see BEAUTY… and I SEE that too in YOU

And I want you to SEE it in YOU too 


women in her 60s is lying down on her back on the whiite sheet covered with the white sheet too - she is smiling and she looks very confident and beautiful - image done by Ania Chandra Photography Boudoir

I just wanted to say that there is many outfits and it’s a bit ovverwelming for some but I want you to feel yourself free and if you want to be adventures please do!!! You can take something special that you or your loved one likes or something that show your personalities 

.. the ideas are endless and I am very open to them 


Let me know in the FB group what would you like to wear for your shoot?