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By capturing the most beautiful images of you, I help you to feel confident and sexy.


I am Ania,

The woman behind Reading Boudoir Photography. I am  a Mum of two, a friend, self-help and development information addict, Zumba lover, and a warm water with lemon and ginger connoisseur (I drive people insane with this at times).

Your personal cheerleader on a journey to make you feel beautiful, confident, sexy and frankly to SHOW YOU what an amazing women you really are.

I feel very passionate about empowering women, giving them inspiration, showing  them their strength, beauty and independence. By capturing images of you, I do what I can to help you gain a sense of self-love, confidence, and sexiness.

I would love to hear your story and find out how I can help you on your journey of being a women. No matter what age or shape you’re in, this time in your life is special and it deserves to be remembered.

Let’s talk about your expectations during our consultation so call or if you are ready just book a session right away.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

photo done by Jagoda

Kind Words from real women like You&Me!

Overcoming the shame, awareness of my own body and good fun … these are the feelings that accompanied me, and accompany me to this day, after the Boudoir session with Ania.

It was my first session of this type. I made my decision quite spontaneously. Because time flies relentlessly I decided not to wait. I already have pictures of people I love most … my husband, my son, my family. I decided that this time I want to seize what is the most beautiful in me. At first I wondered if I could overcome the shame, but Ania led me through the session so comfortably and naturally that I felt relaxed straight away. Her personality is so approachable and joyful and I had the feeling that we knew each other for years. Session was smooth, professional and well organised, Anie led me through the poses that made me look my best, her instructions were clear and easy to follow.
She conducted the session so that at the very beginning I was able to get rid of all th embarrassment. With help of her tips I began to feel like the star of the show, I could really dazzle and had so much fun doing it and I must admit Ania captured it brilliantly.

This session will not be my last one. Next time maybe in surroundings of nature…

- J

— Boudoir

I did boudoir shoot to try something new and help my relationship with my body and my dysmorphia.. 

 The shoot helped my hugely with my confidence and self image, I often look in the mirror and pick out all the things I dont like about my body, but this allowed me to feel super sexy and to see that reflected in Ania’s photos was such a confidence boost.

- P


I was honestly expecting to feel quick self conscious and awkward, but Ania was so friendly and encouraging and really helped me to relax and feel more confident in the poses and in my body.

I really enjoyed getting my hair and makeup done before the shoot. I dont often find time or opportunity to get pampered or to look special, so that was such a luxury for me!

I also really enjoyed how easy Ania is to work with, she is so welcoming and a real calming energy, and we had a lot of fun! I was also really impressed with how tasteful and creative the images were, couldn’t be happier with the results 

Just thank you for giving me my spark back and helping my relationship with my self image! ❤

- P

— Boudoir

If you’re nervous about boudoir photography then Ania is the person for you! She’s very sensitive to any insecurities you may have and brings out the confidence in you to produce some fantastic photographs. It was my first time and I wish I’d done it sooner!

- M





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