My daughter is very challenging when it comes to taking photos of her. She is shy and she gets a bit angry when I take my camera out and try to capture her with her new-born sister.

But it is extremely important for me to capture my family, especially the two of them.

This isn’t only my issue. A lot of people hesitate to book a family session because they worry that toddlers will misbehave.

Are you one of them?

If you are I can give you 3 useful tips of what to do for your toddler to have at least ONE beautiful photo with your newborn baby!

After all, we just need that one photo 🙂

No. 1
Tell them to smell the baby and ask if they smell like chocolate or like a banana?

They will find it playful and it will help to sustain their attention 😉

No. 2
Get them to kiss their little sister or brother and after that, they can be rewarded with sweet 🍭😉

(in a very difficult situation you could place something that they like behind the newborn baby so they will come close and take the treat )

No. 3
Give them a job to do and make them feel very important – for example, I will say to a toddler ”

I have a very important job for you. I don’t know how to hold the baby – can you show me how to do it? Do you know how? ”
They feel important and curious at the same time, so they are happy to help!

Hopefully, these 3 tips were helpful and will make you feel more at ease 🙂

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